Young Branch is a collection of vintage and handmade goods by yours truly.  I seek to reuse materials such as wood, leather, fur, and incorporate them in to one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, art, or furniture.  See something you like, but would tweak it a little? Let me know!  I love doing custom work.

This is also where we chronicle the joys of remodeling/restoring our 1890's Iowa Folk Victorian farmhouse.


I married a Mr. Youngquist in the fall on a small vineyard in Northern Iowa.  We now reside in the beautiful central Iowa countryside with our adorable cat Sherman.

Why the name "Young Branch"?  The Youngquist family has strong Swedish roots, and "youngquist" means, literally, "young branch".  Also, (for the time being) we're the youngest branch of the Youngquist family, so it just seemed fitting. 


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I live in Story County - in Iowa - in the middle of nowhere.  And I love it. 

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