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Linoleum, Linoleum, Linoleum and a New Bathroom

When we bought our house, it had 5 bedrooms.  The awkward first floor bedroom became our lovely new Library, one of the upstairs bedrooms became our master, one the guest room, and one the TV/Craft room.  The last little bedroom, we decided would be better used as a bathroom.

The bedroom was long and narrow - with one North facing window and two doors at the west end.  The door on the left is the only only closet in the house, and it is cedar-lined and goes under the stairs to the attic.  The attic stairs are in the door to the right.  We considered making this one large bath/laundry room but it seemed awkward to go through the bathroom to get to the attic, especially if we want to finish the attic someday (we're crazy, I tell ya). 

First order of business was to remove the stained old carpet (which, unfortunately, I don't have a picture of, but you can imagine... at least it wasn't baby blue like the downstairs.)

Under the carpet we found carpet pad, chipboard, and, the coolest linoleum ever!  Well the library linoleum was pretty neato, but this one is also rather "fancy."  My father used to run an asbestos abatement company, so he's rather handy when it comes to old home demolition.  We had him inspect the linoleum, and nope: no asbestos. 

The hints of pastel accents in the feather plumes was just grand. 

Unfortunately, I don't think I could look at this for the next 5 years, so it had to go...

And lo and behold!  What do we find, but beautiful wide pine floors!  The original flooring was in really good shape and hadn't been painted like most of the upstairs.  The linoleum was installed over a kraft paper-like backer which just lifted off the floors and only stuck in a few places.  

We have a plan to turn this room in to a bathroom and a separate laundry... but that's another day's post!

For now, we have to remove the baseboard, plan out the layout of the new bathroom, bash a doorway in to the hall for the new laundry room, put in all the plumbing and wiring, refinish the floors, paint, tile, install fixtures, hook up water, and install a vent fan.  No big deal.

Moral of the Story:
Just go ahead and dive on in.
You can fix most stuff, just don't go too wild!