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Demolition - Phase II - The Faux Wood and Faux Stone Paneling

From what we can figure this house sat in it's original state until the family who owned it came in to some money in the late 1970s.  Using my old real estate law office sleuthing skills, I discovered that the family sold a large amount of the farm in 1978 - probably around the time the father would have been retiring.  What do you do when you have excess cash and are a retiree?  Why, you redo your house, of course!

The only room on the first floor which hadn't been stripped of the original woodwork was the library.  We're so thankful that they at least left us that so that we can match it in the rest of the first floor.

Once we started ripping off the lovely 1978 paneling - and those sconces! - we could see the ghosts of old windows no longer in play, doors covered up, and walls which had been removed.

The sconces, in all their tinted glass glory.

The ghosts of windows/doors past.  Ah, that window would have been huge!  A real front door! Ah, well, people do what people do.  I had these wild hopes that they'd saved the original woodworking and stashed it in the barn - there wasn't much but raccoons and old straw up there. 

Moral of the Story:

It gets worse before it gets better.
You need to crack some eggs to make an omelet.
When life gives you lemons...
(etc., etc.) 

p.s. we did make an actually good discovery - those popcorn ceilings - they were a drop ceiling!  They're hiding all sorts of extra room!  Pictures of that demo come tomorrow.