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Fresh Apple, Honey & Vanilla Wine Cocktail // Spring Sangria

Hello, Springtime.  Welcome to my mouth.  Recipe for White Apple Wine Sangria with Apples, Vanilla & Honey.
I have the wonderful fortune of having a father who just so happens to have a vineyard.  I just so happen to handle the marketing and graphic design aspects of said vineyard.  This means I have the odious (ha!) task of sampling the wine and dreaming up new ways to drink it.  One of my favorite varieties we make is our apple wine.  It's so warm and summery, with hints of apples, cinnamon, and sunshine.  It was a rainy April Saturday, and I cleaned the house - which means I deserve a little glass of the good stuff, right?  

I searched through the yet-to-be-labled boxes of wine in my basement to find one that would be perfect.  I wasn't sure if we had any apple left, but to my delight, I found two bottles .  TWO BOTTLES!  So, I threw the first one in the refrigerator and impatiently waited for it to chill.  As I heard that delightful "pop" of the cork sliding out of the neck of the bottle, I realized something was wrong.  This wine smelled bad.  This wine smelled really bad, I mean bad bad.  I momentarily panicked that all our 2012 apple was this bad, then I realized what I'd done.  I'd opened the prop bottle.  A nice vintage of food coloring and water mixed with potassium bicarbonate - a germ-killing agent.  Phew.  The wine was okay after all... however, my next bottle (of the real stuff) was room temperature and I was feeling a little impatient.  So, I did the next best thing to a nice chilled glass of wine - I made sangria!

This is a recipe for a summery, warm, sunshiny, fresh wine cocktail. 

You will need:

Apple Wine
Vanilla Bean Paste (you could use real vanilla beans, or vanilla flavoring)

Thinly slice your apples like so:

Add them to a glass, layering ice cubes, about 1 teaspoon vanilla paste, and if desired, 1-2 teaspoons honey.  Like so:

Top it off with white apple wine, stir it up, and enjoy!  

To make an even more refreshing cocktail, leave a few inches at the top of the glass and fill the remainder up with sparkling water.  I would have done this, but like I said before - I was in a pinch!

Moral of the Story:
Always put two bottles of wine in the 
refrigerator to chill. 

Or be normal and not have fake bottles of wine in your house in the first place.