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The Humble Hominy // Hominy and Bacon Recipe

I picked up a dented (I know, I know: botulism and all that fun stuff) can of hominy at the grocery store for $.10 the other day and brought it home.  My husband stared at the can with a blank look and asked what the *bleep* hominy was.  I was speechless, aghast, confused, perplexed and awed.  Who doesn't know what hominy is!?  I hurried in to a rushed explanation of it being something like field corn soaked in lye.   Doesn't really make one want to eat it... I get it.  Food soaked in lye - well, that's just alarming.

So, of course I had to make him a dish that would let the delightful hominy flavor seep through, yet still be appealing.  What do men like more than, well, a lot of things?  Bacon!

The old standby:  Bacon and Onions sauteed with hominy.

I remember those rare nights when my mom would leave us kids alone with dad to cook us dinner.  It usually consisted of some sort of leftovers in a pan with cheese and an egg, or if we were lucky - omelettes.  Or, if we were really lucky, hominy and bacon.

Dice a little less than 1/4 cup onion, shallot, or green onion. 
Dice around the same amount of bacon.
Fry that up until the bacon is the desired consistency you want.  
I abhor crispy bacon, so, as you can see, I cook it to the nice, tender, juicy stage of doneness.  But, to each their own. 
Once your bacon and onions are all cooked up, add a dash of pepper and a can of drained and rinsed hominy.  It's not super important to rinse the hominy, but soaking in lye?  that seems like you should rinse it, just for good measure.  Plus it washes a little of that sodium rich water they've been sitting in. 
Cook 'till the hominy is warm and eat it up!

As my husband was gobbling up his hominy he started singing "hominy, hominy, boys are crazy? hominy hominy boys are raw?" all MIA "Boyz" style and it's been in my head for days. days.

Moral of the Story:  Anything is good with bacon on it.  Even lye-soaked field corn.