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How to Make Geometric Leather and Wood Necklaces

I was meandering through the local hardware store not too long ago and stumbled upon my new best friend: wood veneer.  The applications for wood veneer are nearly endless.  While I'm still discovering different ways to use this amazing product, my favorite so far is leather and wood necklaces.

This little dandy was made using scrap pieces of veneer colored with wood stain.  These necklaces are great because they offer flexibility without breaking - and, if you're like me - you're rather prone to breaking the little buggers.

Stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby sell scrap leather, usually by the pound bag, for around $6.

You'll also need a necklace-making kit from above mentioned craft stores or, if you have one around, you can use a vintage chain.  Voila! - you have all the makings for a hip, durable, and all-together awesome necklace (see below).

Supplies you'll need:

razor knife
cutting board
ruler or straight edge
leather scrap
clothes iron
drill with small bit
iron-on wood veneer edge banding*
wood stain or watercolor paints
necklace chain
large jump rings

How you go about doing this:
Gather your supplies (1), (2)
Measure and cut your wood veneer to the desired size/shape with the ruler and razor knife (3)
Lay veneer pieces on top of leather, either smooth side out or suede side out (4)
Iron on to leather (4)
Use ruler to cut the leather with the razor knife around the veneer pieces (5)
Drill holes for jump rings (6)
Stain or paint wood in desired pattern
Attach jump rings and necklace chain
Wear it and be pretty!
*available at most hardware stores and stores like Lowe's, Menards or Home Depot (like this)
**you can also use clear fingernail polish if you don't feel like buying a whole bunch of varnish

If you love the necklace, but don't want to make a mess DIY-ing it, check out my etsy shop Northern Natives for more options.

This DIY was featured on Apartment Therapy as part of their Holiday homemade gift guide.  Check it out here!