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Bathroom Paint Before and After // Forest Green & Crisp White

Bathroom Paint Before and After
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The Misadventures of an Impulsive, Cabin-Fever-Induced Bathroom Painting Project

I have a problem with impulsiveness.  My husband is the exact opposite:  he'll weigh the pros and cons, add up the cost, plan, measure, and just stew over a project until it gets approved or nixed.  Well... one cold winter evening when he was downstairs working on his computer, I got this crazy idea.  Patterned paint roller, hello!  You're going to spice up the bathroom a bit!  Oh, my goodness.  I don't know how they make them look so good on the website, but I just can't get into the patterned paint roller thing.  

I painted one wall with white flowered patterns over the grey.  It looked horrible. I panicked and washed the pattern off the walls.  And when I say "washed", I use that term loosely.  I was in full-on panic mode, so I naturally grabbed the closest thing to me to "wash" the paint off the wall.  My green tea makeup remover wipes.  Sometimes I just think about myself and slowly shake my head back and forth.  How I've successfully (and that is used loosely, too) survived to the ripe old age of 24 I do not know.

Needless to say, it left a big old smear on the wall.  More panic!  So I did the next logical (!?) thing and painted the entire base of the bathroom driftwood gray.  What?!
See photos below. 

Then I left it like this for a week.  A week.  I finally buckled down, got it done, and redeemed myself.  You can't see it in the before pictures, but the white trim was more of a beige-y white and there were three different shades of gray in there.  Not to mention the ceiling was falling to pieces.  Turns out plaster + years of moisture = no good.  So, I sanded and filled, primed and painted.  Now, here you have it:

It's beeeaauuutiful! Sorry about the messy picture - I was just too excited to share the project with ya'll that I didn't take time to "stage" it and hide my junk.  



The landlady heartily approved and even mentioned installing some hex tiles instead of the disgusting yellow flooring.  Yes please!  Also, trying to find something to use as different globes on the light fixture.  Those frosted / weird swirly fancy bells just aren't my thing.  Also, the door knob plate has numerous years worth of paint covering gorgeous brass - so that will be next too!

The accents in the picture are all still chrome.  Once, the weather gets warmer, they will be getting a nice coat of spray paint in an antique bronze color.  I would love to replace them and that beige outlet - but it doesn't make sense to me to do that in a rental since who knows how long I'll be living here. 

Moral of the story - stick to your gut feelings, never lose the ability to laugh at yourself, and finish what you start (preferably in a timely manner). 

Brass/Gold + Forest Green = new favorite color combo.  Plus, I got to dig out some of these gems to decorate with!