White Wine, Raspberry, & Orange Late Summer Punch


A bit of Indian Summer has been lingering around and the warm days call for a light refreshing drink.  This summer punch is easy to make and it is beautiful - it looks like a sunset in a glass.  With a little planning ahead, you can wow your guests with this easy cocktail.

How to make this glorious concoction?  Wonder no more, and read below:

Wine, Raspberry, & Orange Punch

In a small juice glass or wine glass combine:

1-2 oz. white or blush wine (I like to use 99 Bottles Winery & Vineyard's Frontenac Gris)
Homemade raspberry ice cubes (see below
Top with orange juice*  

Makes 1 serving. This can be garnished with fresh berries or a sprig of basil. 
*You can also add half orange juice and half club soda for a little more pizazz. 

Raspberry Ice Cubes

Slightly crush fresh raspberries in to an ice cube tray
Add water


Free Printable October 2014 Calendar // Free Download


I have a rather large and beige office at work.  
A really beige office.  I also struggle with finding work-appropriate art (not that my choice of art is risque or anything, I just prefer the vintage-y look that would look weird in my modern office).  

So, in search of a little wall-spice, I dug around in the supply closet and came up with a clipboard and some command hooks - perfect for a monthly calendar!  

Here is my October calendar in all it's colorful, blue glory.  Hope you enjoy!  
Below is the downloadable picture - just right click and save.
Letter size paper will be perfect for printing.

Happy October, folks!

ps. I took this picture in Rainy Lake, MN - a very wonderful place, if you've never been!

Hello, Summertime // Refinishing Oak Floors


The last of the peonies are blooming in the yard and slowly dropping their petals.  Summertime is here!  I managed to snag these few and throw them in some water before they got too hot and wilty outdoors.  Peonies don't get as much love as they should.  Man, I think these babies smell better, or at least more than roses do.  They are, in my opinion, as pretty, and they are just so fluffy and feminine!  Some day, when we buy a house, the first thing I'm going to do is plant lilacs, forsythia, & peonies.  Lots of peonies.

On another note: we refinished our wood floors last weekend and they're finally cured enough to let us put our furniture back in.  We had all of our living room and dining room furnishings crammed in to one room for about two weeks and looked like crazy antique dealers.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure (pictures of the floors, probably won't be any of our crazy junk hoard).

Here are the floors before/during sanding.  You can see the oil based polyurethane makes the wood have a warm yellow glow.   Normally, this doesn't bother me, but with such wonderful light oak, we wanted the natural oak to show through.  So, we opted for water-based poly.

Here is the after, with the flowers, and the fat-cat.  The water-based polyurethane doesn't leave that yellow tone, dries in about three hours, and doesn't smell nearly as bad as the oil based.  However, you need to put on more coats.  Which, if you're impatient like me, it might just kill ya.  Good thing the husband is reasonable and made me wait before slathering on more poly.

Before & After // Midcentury Lamp Gets a Little Love


A mid century lamp gets a little love.  

I found this sad little lamp for free at a church rummage sale.  If you don't go to church rummage sales, well, you should start.  Who knows what kind of treasures those sweet old ladies are going to pull out of their linen closets or basements?  Plus, most church sales feature a "little lunch" which consists of the most delicious bars a 1960s cookbook can offer, as well as the classic: sloppy joes (maderites, loose meat sandwiches, etc).  Before this post turns in to a eulogy on the glories of a Made-rite, I'll tell you about my little lamp.